Attorney Katz has defended mortgage borrowers in foreclosure since 2004.

You have options:

  • state and federal laws protect mortgage borrowers;
  • a homeowner often has grounds for countersuing her lender; and
  • many foreclosure actions are carelessly brought and have errors in them.

Attorney Katz has delayed foreclosure in a number of cases. But his ultimate goal is not delay, but to let the borrower keep her home. Katz seeks to accomplish that goal by using the delay, legal defense, and counterclaims that he brings to a foreclosure suit to force the lender to decrease the loan’s amount owed or lower its interest rate. In that way, the loan can be made affordable and the borrower can stay in her home.

So there are ways of blocking foreclosure that most homeowners don’t know about. And many homes being foreclosed on might be saved if the borrower had good legal representation.

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